In 22nd century Britain, looks are everything. But this is a culture of 'Look but don't touch'. Everyone collects contacts, but friendship and love is forbidden. Top of the social pile are the glamorous, androgynous BodyPerfects. Short, curvy Caia, doesn't fit in. Even worse, she's fighting a dangerous attraction to subversive thinker Mac. He introduces her to a forbidden world, one where she might find answers to the questions that plague her. Are the values of society really designed to encourage peace, or a subtle means of thought control? What happens to the sick, disabled and elderly Citizens? And, most important of all: is it possible to escape the Citidomes and live safely on the outside?

Future Perfect is the first part of THE BLUEPRINT TRILOGY and is published by Elsewhen Press. Purchasing details

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More than sixteen years have passed since Caia and Mac, now renamed Cathy and Michael, fled the Citidome. They now have three children and Citidome life is a distant memory. But for Cathy, village life is no longer idyllic. While Michael is famed as the leader of the Alliance of Outdoor Communities, she is left holding the baby. When a chance arises for her to fulfil her potential, will she make the right choices? While Michael unveils his most audacious plan yet to liberate rebels from the Citidomes, will his devotion to the cause cost him the love of his wife and daughter? And will his plan endanger his life, as well as those of his allies? Sixteen year-old Joy, fiercely intelligent but with limited career options, fights against the future her father has planned for her. Forbidden from seeing the boy she has loved from childhood, she finds friendship from an unexpected source, and her illusions about life in the Citidomes is about to be shattered.

Forbidden Alliance is part 2 of the Blueprint trilogy; details of how to buy it are here


Michael and his army of rebels may have won the first battle in their fight against the Citidome authorities, but will they win the war? The Citidomes are fighting back, and no-one is safe any more. As Michael and  Cathy find themselves back in Sigma-2, Cathy ios forced to confront her worst fears. Can Joy and Harry recapture the magic of first love, or have the horrors they have witnessed scarred them forever? And do they have any chance of succeeding in the most audacious mission the Alliance of Outside Communities has ever undertaken? For Suna, this is a time of difficult decisions. Where do her loyaties lie? And id she capable of understanding human emotion? In this explosive conclusion of the Blueprint Trilogy, will the fractured State Eleven be able to unite and form a new society?