I was born in Leeds. After several years collecting qualifications, I started work as a scientist. My philosophy of life is that we only regret the things we don’t try, and my career reflects that. So far, I’ve been a civil service scientist, homeopath, forensic science researcher and currently work as a freelance medical writer. In that time I’ve lived in Liverpool, Ipswich, Norwich, London and and Saffron Walden, but have always been a Yorkshire lass at heart and now live in York with my husband and two dogs. When I reached forty, a close friend died of cancer. It made me realize that we never know when life is going to be snatched away from us; we can’t put off our dreams forever. The writing bug that had been dormant since childhood started nagging at me. I began my first novel, Future Perfect, and finally completed it eight years later! My loves in life include my husband, family and friends, two occasionally criminal dogs, travel, music, wine, dark chocolate, Parma violets and daffodils. Future Perfect, which has been described as 'Logan’s Run for the Hunger Games generation', is the first part of the Blueprint trilogy, and was published by Elsewhen Press in 2014. The second instalment in the trilogy, Forbidden Alliance, wwas published in September 2015.